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Are Plumbing Franchises Profitable? 

Plumber Profitability Is Growing Year Over Year

There has never been a better time to invest in the plumbing industry.

Regardless of recessions, pandemics, or other economic ups and downs, drains are still going to clog, pipes are going to burst, and water heaters are going to break–and there’s no one else with the expertise for the job other than plumbers. Additionally, the plumbing industry’s services are needed in nearly every part of a home or business–bathtubs, dishwashers, faucets, garbage disposals, septic systems, you name it–which only multiplies the essential nature of plumbers.

Whereas other home improvement projects are cosmetic or elective and dependent on disposable incomes, when something goes wrong, like a pipe bursting or a drain clogging, the services of a plumber are a necessity. That’s why investing in a franchise that provides such an essential service has proven profitable in the good and bad times. Plumbers, it’s true, are always in demand.

The past few years have been one of the most fascinating and robust periods for the plumbing industry. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, plumbing businesses were recognized as providing an “essential service” and were able to continue operating, even as many other industries and businesses suffered losses, or were forced to completely close down.

Now out of the pandemic for the most part, the plumbing industry has shown no signs of slowing down. Instead, the unprecedented housing boom that’s happening everywhere across the country has kept plumbing services in incredibly high demand. According to IBIS World, the plumbing industry was on track to generate $126 billion in 2021. And, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the plumbing industry will grow nearly 25 percent over the next ten years, further proof a plumbing franchise is a great business to own in any economy.

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What Will the Plumbing Industry Be Like In The Future?

Well, for starters, we can say plumbing as a trade has been around for about 4,500 years–even the ancient Egyptians had their own version of a functioning plumbing system! So it’s safe to say the industry isn’t going anywhere.

Instead, the future of the plumbing industry is bright. Many industry researchers have pointed out that with new technologies on the horizon, plumbers are going to be on the forefront of innovation. New materials, high-tech sensors, and new system designs are all topics of conversation when it comes to providing the most efficient and effective plumbing solutions in the coming years. It’s truly an exciting time to be part of this industry, and it’s looking like our services will become even more important in the near future.

Yes, plumbing services are in high demand now, especially with the crazy housing boom. But plumbers’ work is going to take on new meaning in the coming years, as America’s aging infrastructure reaches a critical juncture and, according to many industry leaders, is expected to experience increasing failures.

For example, the average age of pipes in homes across the country is about 47 years old–nearly half a century! Inevitably, as this infrastructure begins to fail, plumbers are going to be needed in a big way to help keep homes and businesses safe and operating. But, as the numbers currently stand, there is a major shortage of plumbers across the U.S., and that’s where franchise businesses like Z PLUMBERZ come in.

Why Z PLUMBERZ Is The Right Plumbing Franchise For You

With initial investments ranging from $101,320 to $377,050, Z PLUMBERZ remains one of the lowest initial investment opportunities to break into the massive $126 billion a year plumbing industry. And because our business model is effectively turnkey, we make it much easier for franchisees to start bringing in revenue in a matter of months.

From day one, Z PLUMBERZ’s expert leadership and support team helps franchisees through every facet of starting and running their local businesses. For starters, our straightforward business model is strategically crafted to be simple, efficient, and sustainably profitable. From there, we offer unparalleled support on both the business and technical sides of your operation. Some of those resources include:

  • Proven marketing strategies and an in-house marketing team
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Advice on hiring and retaining top talent
  • Around-the-clock access to industry experts
  • 24/7 in-house call center, where professional customer service representatives help direct customers to our franchise owners.

All of Z PLUMBERZ’s efforts to help our franchisees succeed are paying off. The Z PLUMBERZ brand’s growth and recognition have shot up over the past three years. Since 2019, Z PLUMBERZ has added nearly 20 new territories, marking a truly unique and special time for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to join a brand that is taking the industry by storm. Right now, Z PLUMBERZ is actively seeking the right candidates to open and lead locations in new territories across the U.S.

Own A Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Today!

When planning a career path, it’s nearly impossible to predict the future. But with Z PLUMBERZ, you can rest assured the need for plumbing services has truly stood the test of time and will never go away. Never has there been a more exciting time, and a more exciting franchise opportunity, than with Z PLUMBERZ. To start a conversation with our franchise team, start by filling out our form here.