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Plumbing Industry Poised to Grow

High Levels of Home Renovations Propelled the Plumbing Industry

With unprecedented rates of building and home construction, as well as the driving demand for home renovations, it’s no surprise that the plumbing industry is booming. According to a new report published in Research and Markets, the world’s largest market research store, demand for behind-the-wall plumbing is expected to increase 8.1% annually – that’s right, every year! – through 2025. By the end of this period, the plumbing industry is expected to top nearly $18 billion in annual revenue!

So driving this growth? First, the price increase of raw materials has driven up market values, and according to Research and Markets, a few other factors are at play. Currently, there is a rebound in commercial building construction, which accounts for most of the behind-the-wall plumbing demand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial building construction slowed, but that has changed quickly. “As the market rebounds, demand for plumbing-intensive structures like offices, hospitals, hotels, and senior living facilities – which require not only extensive fire suppression systems, but also multiple bathrooms and kitchen facilities – will gain a boost from a low base,” the report said.

Additionally, there continues to be a high level of new housing construction, like single-family homes that typically have larger bathrooms. Now, more than ever, homeowners want features such as his-and-her sinks, which require more plumbing fixtures and drive up the market. Plus, property owners continue to renovate their homes at an incredible rate, a trend that began during the COVID-19 pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down.


Z PLUMBERZ Thrives in a Fast-Growing Industry

Z PLUMBERZ has distinguished itself as a standout plumbing business known for its expert service, exceptional customer service, and team of professional plumbers. Z PLUMBERZ is truly experiencing unprecedented growth, as it bucks the unfortunate stereotypes driven by lackluster companies. Indeed, our plumbers show up on time, charge a fair price, educate customers on repairs, and get the job done right. Since Z PLUMBERZ started franchising in 2017, the company now boasts nearly 20 locations across the U.S., with the majority of new growth happening over the past two years.

“There’s never been a better time to invest in a plumbing franchise,” says Matt O’Rourke, Brand President and founder of Z PLUMBERZ. “Plumbing is in such high demand – there is truly an epidemic of a lack of plumbers. We’ve put together a straightforward business model that offers customers what they need when they need it that can be duplicated over and over again, all while turning a profit. We’re going to work day-in and day-out to ensure that your business has everything it needs to prosper over the long-term.”

It’s true, Z PLUMBERZ offers one of the most efficient, tried and true business models in the plumbing industry. Among our many support services, we offer all franchisees a turnkey business model, professional branding, marketing support, financial performance coaching, advice on hiring and retaining top talent, and access to industry experts.

Join a Growing Plumbing Franchise

With high levels of building and home construction, on top of increasing home renovations, the plumbing industry is taking off, and Z PLUMBERZ has emerged as the company’s property owners trust. Z PLUMBERZ is looking for energized, motivated entrepreneurs who want to grow and expand a best bet opportunity.

To learn more, visit our research pages here. Or, if you’re ready to start a conversation with our franchise team, simply fill out a request for franchise information form here. We look forward to hearing from you!