Investing in a Z PLUMBERZ Franchise is Wise for New Entrepreneurs

Investing in a Z PLUMBERZ Franchise is Wise for New Entrepreneurs

Z PLUMBERZ President opens up about why first-time entrepreneurs should invest in a plumbing business

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur looking to realize your dreams of business ownership, starting a new business from scratch is no easy feat. During these uncertain times, investing in a franchise that provides an essential service, is easy to manage and scale, and provides powerhouse support is a tremendous advantage. New entrepreneurs are at an advantage with Z PLUMBERZ!

Fortunately, franchise owners with Z PLUMBERZ, benefit from a proven business model that is designed for profitability and growth. As part of the BELFOR Franchise Group – the leading name in restoration and service franchise opportunities – the path to business ownership is charted out for you. With more than four decades of experience helping entrepreneurs excel in business, Z PLUMBERZ franchise owners benefit from unmatched brand recognition, marketing, ongoing support, and much more.  

In this interview, Matt O’Rourke, President and Founder of Z PLUMBERZ, shares why owning a Z PLUMBERZ is a best-bet investment, and much, much more.

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How does Z PLUMBERZ help franchise owners run simple and efficient businesses?

O’Rourke: At Z PLUMBERZ, we do a lot of the leg work for our franchise owners. We understand that while they may be an experienced plumber, they may not understand – or even know – what it takes to run a successful business. This is why we help them implement our simple systems, provide business and technical training, and offer a 24/7 call center. Z PLUMBERZ not only helps with ensuring that they have hired the right person for the right position, but we also help them train their employees. And if they choose not to have any back-end support, they can do that as well. Z PLUMBERZ has franchise owners who have five truck operations that are extremely profitable without any office support. This is where we feel a Z PLUMBERZ Franchise and the simple processes we train and implement is so valuable. We provide business and technical training, a 24/7 call center, and a full team of experts from accounting to marketing to support our franchisee’s business right from the beginning.

What makes Z PLUMBERZ unique in the industry? 

O’Rourke: Great question. There are a few things that make us unique in the plumbing industry. The first is that we are a full-service retail plumbing company. This means that we specialize in plumbing, sewer, and drains. As a result, we are able to meet all of our customers’ needs and franchise owners with our brand benefit from multiple lines of revenues. Secondly, we keep things simple and provide a lot of support. Our number one priority is helping entrepreneurs who invest in our plumbing franchise learn, grow and succeed in business. For instance, if you want to get into pipelining, you need to know how to market that service to your customers. At Z PLUMBERZ, we have built marketing strategies and budgets for such a long time that we know what avenues to take to help you offer that service and be successful. 

Additionally, the success of your business depends on your people. If you have a great group of plumbers, or even a young man or woman who is eager to work, we are able to mold them into one of the vertical segments to start producing right away. Typically, this type of training would take two to three years. However, because we are backed with powerhouse support from BELFOR Franchise Group, we are able to do this in a fairly short amount of time. 

How does being a consumer-friendly plumbing company and your connection to BELFOR Franchise Group help Z PLUMBERZ gain access to clients the franchise wouldn’t otherwise attract? 

O’Rourke: Plumbing companies are unique in that every single person you meet is a potential client. Again, plumbers, unfortunately, have a bad reputation. So the fact that we take the necessary time to educate the consumers and have professional branding goes a long way. Ultimately, allowing us to create a trustworthy reputation in the communities we serve. Additionally, having BELFOR, the largest general contractor in the world, stand behind us gives us the upper hand in terms of opportunities. Having a plumber that is able to communicate with homeowners not only helps the BELFOR side of the business, but also provides us some backing of a big name contractor, which builds our credibility from the beginning because they are a reputable and trusted company in the industry. 

Interested in becoming a Z PLUMBERZ franchise owner? 

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