Z PLUMBERZ Inspires Young People to Enter a Plumbing Apprenticeship

Z PLUMBERZ Inspires Young People to Enter a Plumbing Apprenticeship

A plumbing apprentice opens up about why she chose Z PLUMBERZ franchise to launch her career

Nationwide, there’s a drastic shortage of plumbers, and for years, to combat this looming crisis in the trade, the Z PLUMBERZ plumbing franchise has been offering a 90-day plumbing apprenticeship program to learn from experts.

Young Z Plumberz Plumber fixing water heater / Plumbing Apprenticeship

The average age of a licensed plumber is 60 years old and older, and there are very few trade schools for plumbing. Even still, industry studies show a nearly 24% growth in the trade, which means there will be huge opportunities for a new generation of plumbers in the coming years.

Z PLUMBERZ has played a vital role in answering that call, focusing on training and development to help young plumbers in the plumbing apprenticeship enter the trade and provide them the skills they need to run a successful plumbing company.

In this interview with apprentice Lindsay Sotco, we talked about what led her to start a career path in plumbing.

What first made you think about a career with a plumbing franchise?

I researched and researched plumbers, plumbing techniques, how to work on pipe fittings, things like that. And I realized I would love to learn it. I figured out that I’m way happier doing stuff with my hands and seeing my work progress in front of me instead of something like customer service and waiting for that gratification.

What sets Z PLUMBERZ apart from other companies?

Well, for one, they have an impeccable reputation and tons of integrity. And there are so many resources. But I think that the integrity of the plumbers is probably the biggest thing that draws me to them. They’ve evolved, they keep people around, and people have very long careers with Z PLUMBERZ. So that tells me that people like working for them.

What’s your experience as a woman in an industry typically dominated by men?

Being a woman in the trades in general has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve always been handy. I’ve always been strong. And I’ve always felt like I have portrayed that identity to others.

Would you encourage more women to enter the trade?

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity; you get physical activity and you learn a lot of common sense. The trades teach you common sense and I think that being a woman in the trades has definitely made me feel powerful. And why shouldn’t more women become plumbers?

What’s your long-term goal?

I want to be a plumber. I want to be a journeyman plumber. So in three years, I’ll be taking my journeyman test, and hopefully, getting my journeyman license. I have definitely thought about being a franchise owner.

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