Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Matt O’Rourke

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Matt O’Rourke

Brand President at Z PLUMBERZ explains why the plumbing franchise is a best-bet investment

While attending university, Matt O’Rourke supported himself as a bricklayer. After he was laid off, he sought another manual labor job to pay for his tuition, as he enjoyed working outdoors with his hands. After stumbling upon an ad in the classifieds for an apprenticeship program through a local plumbing contractor, he went for it and ended up enjoying it. So much so that after about three years he became a licensed plumber. O’Rourke went a step further, and in 2008, he started his own plumbing company, Z PLUMBERZ.Matt O’Rourke

Twelve years later, Matt O’Rourke, President at Z PLUMBERZ, has perfected a proven business model that is highly efficient, maximizes profitability, and is bolstered by industry-leading support from BELFOR Franchise Group, the largest property restoration company in the world. In this wide-ranging interview, O’Rourke explains why Z PLUMBERZ is a best-bet investment for entrepreneurs looking to own a plumbing franchise and be a part of the $110 billion recession-resistant industry.

What value does Z PLUMBERZ provide its franchise owners?

Matt O’Rourke: Z PLUMBERZ is here to help and support small plumbing companies that are struggling to reach the next level. Plumbing is in such high demand right now, because there truly is an epidemic lack of plumbers. I feel we have been able to put together a simple, self-sustaining business plan and a model that can be duplicated. Our business benefits many small businesses, who may be fantastic plumbers as well as leaders in their industry, but they need a little bit more support on the business and call center side of things. For instance, I think plumbing businesses really struggle with training, which is where we come in. We are able to take someone who knows nothing about the trade, properly train them, and then get them licensed in the trade. This allows companies to build a better career path for their employees.

You’re big on consumer education and positioning yourself as an expert in the market. How do you do that?

O’Rourke: We define ourselves as retail plumbers. A retail plumber works directly with the homeowner, educating them on the various products and technology available to them today. I believe that educating consumers is the most important thing for plumbers, because we have a bad history. There are plenty of jokes about plumbers overcharging, not dressing properly, and not providing the customer with the information they need.

Z PLUMBERZ is working to change those negative perceptions. We wear jumpsuits to work, and once we show up to a job, we educate the consumer about what we are there to do, which helps them feel more at ease and more satisfied with paying the high rates we may charge. Additionally, if there is something we can have a homeowner do on their own, we will try to educate them about how to do whatever it is on their own. However, we find most homeowners are so excited and appreciative that they will call us out again to come do the work because they don’t want to do it.

What is the benefit of having a call center? How does that add value to a franchise owners’ business?

O’Rourke: At Z PLUMBERZ, our goal is to benefit other plumbers. So it is very important to have a centralized call center that is ours — not an outside third-party who may not understand plumbing and can’t access our data. Our network of plumbers and our franchisees have access to a 24/7 call center that not only understands plumbing, but is also a part of the BELFOR Franchise Group. This allows us to book calls, and put them into your system so they can be dispatched by you. The best thing is that our franchise owners don’t have to worry about missing a call when they are on a job site, vacation or whenever they are away from the office. This helps minimize operating expenses because we’re able to use the network so they don’t have to hire someone else to do it.

Why is now a good time to invest in a Z PLUMBERZ franchise?

O’Rourke: The opportunity is unlimited. Every single homeowner is a potential client. We have the tools to quickly train those who know nothing about plumbing, sewers or drains. We have a career path to be able to retain employees long-term. With our “keep it simple” approach, centralized call center, training regimens, and the different services we offer, we are truly a full-service retail plumbing company.

Interested in becoming a Z PLUMBERZ franchise owner?

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