Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Tony Borelli

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Tony Borelli

Why a member of the Z PLUMBERZ franchise leadership team is ready to become a franchise owner with the brand

A good indicator that a brand is worthy of investing in is when members of the executive team choose to start a plumbing business and become franchise owners with the brand. This is exactly what Tony Borelli, General Manager of North America with Z PLUMBERZ, is doing.

In his role as General Manager for North America, Tony Borelli worked closely with Founder and CEO Matt O’Rourke supporting new franchisees and helping grow the brand. His experience developing new plumbers, team members, and franchisees proved to be so enjoyable that he decided to invest himself.

start a plumbing business with Z PLUMBERZ franchise employee and customer / Tony Borelli

In this wide-ranging interview, Tony Borelli discusses why he decided to invest and how his current role allowed him to see both sides of the business, inspiring his own confidence to take control of his future by going into business for himself.

What do you think is special about Z PLUMBERZ in the plumbing industry?

Z PLUMBERZ is special because we’re an all-encompassing plumbing company and franchise concept. We go from residential drain cleaning, faucet, and fixture repairs to commercial industrial plumbing in schools, churches, restaurants, and hotels. We can and will do anything and everything that our customers need. Whether it is someone’s home, a big business, an apartment complex, or a popular restaurant, we offer the same professionalism at each job.

Our brand shares that commitment to customer satisfaction and I think that makes us a stronger company overall. We care about meeting expectations – that’s why we have someone answering the phone 24/7, making sure customers have what they need and are happy once the job is completed. If they aren’t happy, we’ll do the work until they are. I think that really shows we care from beginning to end and that’s a unique quality for the whole team to be on the same page. Day-in and day-out, our guys come to work and put on their gloves and masks, lay the tarps down, and get to business because we care about doing right by our customers.

Throughout your role as General Manager of North America, have you seen the demand for plumbing services grow?

Absolutely. It’s never-ending. Anyone looking to own a business should, at the very least, consider Z PLUMBERZ. This has got to be one of the best trades to invest in. It’s a never-ending supply of work and recession-proof. In fact, I would say we’ve been busier during this last year because people aren’t moving or buying new – they’re fixing what they have. There is always work and new jobs to go after, which is another great thing about Z PLUMBERZ. We have our hands in every aspect of the industry so there’s not a slow season in our business.

We’ve proven to be essential since we never stopped working during the crisis, lockdown, or quarantine. We’ve continued providing service throughout the whole process. We were one of the few businesses that were there, fully staffed, and ready to go.

What are some of the key factors separating Z PLUMBERZ from the rest of the industry?  

Our training process is incredible and ongoing. It has to be a defining factor in our success. The amount of training often depends on the services per week. We want to clarify and answer any questions for team members so that everyone feels equipped and prepared to provide the best service possible. By continuously progressing this way, we develop hands-on experience and improve each day.

It’s a continual process, but we want each team member to feel comfortable. Whether it’s new techniques, new pieces of equipment, or new fixtures, we are constantly upgrading, innovating, and revising our systems to be more efficient. We want our franchise partners to be in a position where they benefit from our knowledge and guidance, which is one of the many reasons why I am becoming one.

So, you are becoming a Z PLUMBERZ franchisee. What is it that makes you feel confident in investing your money in this brand?

It’s my long-term plan – and deepening my investment just made sense to me. I see how both sides of the business work and that our entire team is committed to helping our franchise owners grow.

Having the backing of a company like BELFOR Franchise Group is also a huge selling point – and really should be to anyone looking to own a business themselves. BELFOR Franchise Group is a national company with a lot of resources that are simply an advantage no one else in this industry has. That inspires confidence in my business success but also in myself as a business owner.

Ready to start a plumbing business?

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