Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q & A with Michelle Hill

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q & A with Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill, Director of Operations for Z PLUMBERZ, was working as a business consultant in health care, but early on, realized the potential of the plumbing industry. But, she saw a reoccurring flaw: plumbers are not necessarily great self-promoters.

So, Hill partnered with a local plumber with strong drive and passion, who went onto start a Z PLUMBERZ franchise, and took over that side of the business.

“That’s how I landed into plumbing,” Michelle Hill said. “And I realized plumbers are no different than doctors, because they’re really, really good at their trade, but not so good at the business side of things.”

In this interview, we talk to Michelle Hill about keys to running a successful plumbing business, what sets Z PLUMBERZ apart from competitors, and the potential of the plumbing industry.

Michelle Hill

Q: How do you help a plumber be successful?

A: The first thing is to teach them how to work on the business, not just in the business. A lot of plumbers work by themselves, and don’t have time to work on the business itself. They just do what plumbers do: go out on calls and make money. But you have to keep in mind how the other end of the business works. How do you manage your calls? Do you have a budget? Are you paying attention to customer service?

Q: What sets Z PLUMBERZ apart from the other plumbers?

A: What makes you stand out is having the best customer service. You could be the best plumber in the world, but if your customer service stinks, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your competitors will eat you alive. So to be successful, you need to stand out in both technical abilities as well as customer service. Remember, customers come first. And if you operate that way, the sky is the limit.

Q: What are some of the challenges in the plumbing industry?

A: Hiring, because there is a shortage of plumbers. It’s very difficult finding plumbers to come onboard. No matter what industry you work in, it’s hard to find people passionate about what they do and be good at it. I hear it all over, especially talking to other franchises, that finding plumbers is difficult.

Q: Are you surprised at the profit potential of the plumbing industry?

A: I am shocked. I had no idea how profitable plumbing was. And I am loving every minute of it. It’s so nice and challenging, And, no day is the same. When we help someone, and I ask them how the service was, they show nothing but appreciation.

Q: Why did you choose Z PLUMBERZ?

A: When I met with Z PLUMBERZ, I grilled them. And what stood out to me is they never talked money. They talked about how they can help franchisees reach their goals, what Z PLUMBERZ will do for them and their company. I’m amazed that you can meet with them on a daily basis, and they’re always there to answer your questions. There are just the endless resources, and the fact they are associated with BELFOR – it just speaks volumes. They teach you how to get from Point A to Point Z, and they’re holding your hand along the way, and just gradually let go.

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