Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q & A with Scott Hart

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q & A with Scott Hart

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Review: Q&A with Scott Hart 

Prior to joining the Z PLUMBERZ franchise family, Scott Hart worked as a manager for a local plumbing company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After some time, he sought another opportunity that would not only allow him the flexibility to spend more time with his family, but also gain financial independence and create opportunities for his employees. Hart knew that he didn’t want to start from scratch, and after researching plumbing franchises, he found the opportunity that would help him take his plumbing business to the next level. 

Enter Z PLUMBERZ. As the all-in-one experts for all things plumbing, sewers, and drains, Z PLUMBERZ franchise owners are expertly trained to help homeowners fix all of their plumbing problems, as well as provide an exceptional customer service experience by educating them about their property at every step of the process. As a result, franchise owners with Z PLUMBERZ benefit from multiple lines of service and are able to help homeowners no matter how difficult a job may be. 

Scott Hart found this to be true after opening his first Z PLUMBERZ franchise in Ann Arbor in 2017. Nearly three years after opening his first location, Hart has not only experienced 25 percent annual growth, but also recently opened a second location in Toledo, Ohio, with Brian Franks, a former employee.  

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Here’s his story.

What were you doing prior to joining the Z PLUMBERZ? 

Scott Hart: I didn’t discover that plumbing was my passion until after I attended college and realized that wasn’t the path for me. I knew that I loved working with my hands and helping people, so when I started researching trade industries, plumbing made sense. Not long after that I was hired at a local plumbing company and worked my way up to a manager position. 

Why did you choose to invest in Z PLUMBERZ? 

Hart: Business ownership has always been the goal for me, especially so that I could provide opportunities for my employees, including training and development, to grow and eventually open their own businesses. After I started researching and found Z PLUMBERZ, it seemed like the perfect plumbing franchise because of the robust training and support they offer, which is backed by BELFOR Franchise Group. BELFOR Franchise Group has been in business for decades, so they not only have a proven track record of success, but they also have unmatched name recognition in the industry. I knew that when I invested in this plumbing franchise, I would be able to achieve my dreams of becoming a multi-unit owner, supporting my family and team, as well as having a long, successful career in the profession that I love. 

What makes Z PLUMBERZ training and support platforms unique in the industry?

Hart: Although I am a professional plumber, I realized there were things I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in business by myself. Granted, plumbing can be a very profitable business if you run it correctly and have a great team. However, if you don’t have the systems, support and training in place, that is not the case. As a franchise owner with Z PLUMBERZ, I am able to attract, hire and train the best talent in my market. Additionally, Z PLUMBERZ has a 24/7 call center. This not only allows me to focus on providing the best customer experience and focus on jobs, but I also have the necessary time to cultivate great team members and get them more involved in other aspects of the business. As a result, this allows my business to grow, but they can also become franchise owners themselves. It feels great to help my team and clients, and that is what plumbing is about. 

What are your hopes for the future?

Hart: I want to be successful, increase my knowledge and education in the plumbing industry, and continue to scale my business. Additionally, I want to continue growing my businesses and maintain profitability so that I can retire someday. Currently, my business has grown 25 percent since my first year in business. We’ve been able to grow mainly because of the exceptional support from Z PLUMBERZ, especially the call center. They have hired highly trained professionals who are efficient, which is a huge benefit and allows me to focus on growing my business. 

Would you recommend Z PLUMBERZ to an entrepreneur looking to invest in a plumbing business?

Scott Hart: Absolutely. Z PLUMBERZ has a great network of franchisees, and the support staff is exceptional. It is true that once you join the Z PLUMBERZ franchise family, you will never be alone in business. In these uncertain times, that is both a tremendous advantage and comforting to know. Moreover, the demand for plumbing professionals will continue to grow, because there will always be a need for our services. 

Interested in becoming a Z PLUMBERZ franchise owner? 

For in-depth details about the Z PLUMBERZ franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.