Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Owners Benefit From Multiple Revenue Streams

Z PLUMBERZ Franchise Owners Benefit From Multiple Revenue Streams

President of the fast-growing sewer and drain franchise explains how Z PLUMBERZ is designed to maximize profitability through multiple revenue streams

It’s no secret that plumbers have a bad rap — from the butt crack jokes to overcharging to a lack of professionalism, and more. Unfortunately, this has steered many entrepreneurs away from owning a plumbing business – and that’s a big problem. A sewer and drain franchise is one of the most profitable, recession-resistant businesses in the home services industry. Z PLUMBERZ‘s multiple revenue streams helps the franchise become recession-resistant.

During COVID-19, plumbing was one of the only home services businesses deemed essential, meaning plumbers were allowed to continue to operate despite what was happening to the rest of the economy. And that makes sense. People depend on their plumbing systems working, and, when it doesn’t, it’s an emergency situation that needs to be addressed quickly.

Z PLUMBERZ, the rising new plumbing, sewer and drain franchise, is here to usher in a new era for the plumbing industry and help entrepreneurs prosper in a business their community truly needs. 

Z PLUMBERZ sewer and drain franchise team

In this interview, Matt O’Rourke, President and Founder of Z PLUMBERZ, explains how our brand helps entrepreneurs increase profitability by providing multiple lines of service, why now is a good time to invest, and much, much more.

What are the multiple lines of services that Z PLUMBERZ offer?

O’Rourke: At Z PLUMBERZ, we consider ourselves to be retail plumbers. This means that we look at plumbing, sewers and drains. Our first vertical is the plumbing service. In this area, we come to your house or property and we work on water heaters, sump pumps, faucet repair and fixtures, and similar appliances. This is a one-on-one experience with the home or property owner, where we recommend what type of plumbing repair should be done. Next, we separate drain and sewer cleaning. We do this because we’ve found that many plumbing companies either specialize in one of these services, or one of these services and plumbing. 

Finally, we offer new construction plumbing services. New construction is an absolute necessity in our trade, because you can learn a lot about plumbing. For instance, it’s like a doctor looking at an x-ray. A good, licensed plumber who is an expert can probably look through the drywall and know where the pipes are. This service is great at what we call “taking a break”, because you don’t have to have that retail sales side. However, you learn a lot, are able to work with your hands and see how things are built. Ultimately, all of these services are difficult, because you have to know how to communicate and educate the home and property owner. 

How do Z PLUMBERZ sewer and drain franchise owners benefit from the multiple revenue streams

O’Rourke: Offering these multiple lines of services increases profitability for our franchise owners and allows them to hire more efficient employees. For example, when I go into plumbing businesses currently, the number one complaint is that they cannot find enough qualified skilled plumbers. Well, if you keep looking for licensed plumbers, unfortunately, there aren’t that many. The average age of a licensed plumber is 60 years old and older. We’ve been combating this by offering a 90-day apprenticeship program for drain cleaning. There are very few trade schools for plumbing, which is a hands-on trade. Upon entering the trade, most plumbers don’t want to get into drain cleaning. So through our apprenticeship, we’re trying to change their mindset by recruiting, training, and paying them a bit more because they are providing a service. In turn, they are able to start their career with drain cleaning; while our franchise owners are not only adding younger tradespeople to their team who will eventually become experts in the trade, but are also producing more revenue overall. 

Z PLUMBERZ retail plumbing experience emphasizes educating the consumer. Why is this important?

O’Rourke: Unfortunately, plumbers don’t have the best reputation. If you ask a home or property owner about their experience with a plumber, you will most likely hear stories about how a plumber came for a couple of hours, charged them $500, and didn’t share with them about the work they had done. At Z PLUMBERZ, we identify what the problem is and communicate that to the client. That is what being a retail plumber is all about. In doing so, we are able to educate them so they understand why we are providing the service they are buying from us. We find this to be a very safe way to conduct business, because we are not telling them what they need. Instead, we are helping them make the right decision on what is best for their situation in their home. 

Z PLUMBERZ sewer and drain franchise employee and customer

How does being transparent help with customer retention and referrals?

O’Rourke: It helps tremendously. After we’ve finished a job, we get many referrals. Whether it’s at someone’s home or a client who works for a large corporation, we find that we are able to secure bigger clients or bigger properties because of the honesty, transparency and education that we provide our clients. A lot of people don’t know what’s happening when something does happen in their home or property. So our approach to educating the client is advantageous, because we are communicating the problem, and educating them not only on how a plumbing system works, but also the best options to fix their problem. This makes them more comfortable and understanding with what they are buying, as well as a lot happier with the transaction. 

Why is now a great time to invest in a Z PLUMBERZ sewer and drain franchise?

O’Rourke: Plumbing is an essential service. Unlike other services in the home improvement industry, when you have an issue with your plumbing, that has to be taken care of immediately. Having said that, the opportunity is unlimited, as every single home and property owner is a potential client. As a franchise opportunity, we have the tools to quickly train those who know nothing about plumbing, sewers or drains. Z PLUMBERZ even offers a career path to be able to retain employees long-term. Ultimately, Z PLUMBERZ exists to help plumbing businesses be more profitable. With our proven business model, powerhouse support from BELFOR Franchise Group, 24/7 call center and multiple lines of services that we offer, we are truly a full-service retail plumbing company. 

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