Why Plumbers Love Working for Z PLUMBERZ Franchises

Why Plumbers Love Working for Z PLUMBERZ Franchises

Fast-growing plumbing franchise offers both career and business ownership opportunities for plumbers looking to advance

Plumbers Love Working for Z Plumberz

Great people, plenty of work, job security and a steady paycheck – Z PLUMBERZ has proven to be a great place for plumbers looking for work. Plumbers Love Working for Z Plumberz!

Linda Dumas, who works for a Z PLUMBERZ franchise in Ypsilanti, Michigan, said she had several jobs throughout the years, but it wasn’t until she discovered plumbing that it became apparent she loved the diverse nature of the work.

“It’s a good paying job with tons of things to learn, and I would push anyone towards plumbing because it’s just a great job to have,” she said. “You’re always learning something new. Here, I know I’m going to work on and gain knowledge on a wide range of everything.”

On top of being a good paying job, Dumas said plumbing offers people a chance to learn not just about plumbing services, but also service repair on things like sewer lines. Since starting with Z PLUMBERZ, she said the service has been in high demand.

“We have plenty of work to go around,” she said.  “I’m constantly busy, and I like to stay constantly busy.”

Dumas also values the culture that surrounds Z PLUMBERZ and the constant support network available to franchisees. “I love the people, and it’s a great place to work,” she said.

One thing most people don’t think about when entering the plumbing industry, Dumas said, is how much customers value the work. Most clients are calling in times of a crisis – a broken or leaky pipe that needs to get fixed ASAP – and it’s a plumber’s job to come in and get the job done.

“When things are working right and there are no leaks, they’re very, very happy,” she said.

An important component of earning a customer’s trust, Dumas said, is looking professional, a point of emphasis for all Z PLUMBERZ franchises. “I love the uniforms, and they’re very clean and professional,” she said.

Dumas also takes pride in being a female in a largely male-dominated industry. And, she encourages any women interested in the field to not be deterred. She said Z PLUMBERZ offers a comprehensive apprenticeship program and training system that can help anyone learn the ropes, whether they have previous plumbing experience or not.

“It’s awesome, everywhere I go, they love to see a female plumber come into their home,” she said. “It brightens my day when I’m a part of that. It makes me feel good, and I know I’m in the right company.”

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