Z PLUMBERZ is Growing With New Franchisees

Z PLUMBERZ is Growing With New Franchisees

Z PLUMBERZ Welcomes New Franchisees

One of the best indicators for the health of a growing franchise system is the rate of opening new locations. When it comes to Z PLUMBERZ, there’s simply no better brand in the business. In fact, the number of Z PLUMBERZ locations has skyrocketed an unbelievable 950% over the past three years! No, you’re not reading that wrong – 950%! That’s because in 2019, as Z PLUMBERZ was just ready to take the industry by storm, the brand had just two locations. Now, there are more than 20 locations all across the U.S. as Z PLUMBERZ emerges as the experts in plumbing services and the dominant brand in the industry.

“The plumbing industry, believe it or not, is still wide open, which means supply and demand is exactly where we’d like it”, says Matt O’Rourke, president of Z PLUMBERZ. “Now is the best time ever to invest in Z PLUMBERZ. With what’s going on in this world, we’re absolutely essential, and we’re building a training program that is better than anyone in the whole industry. We have the latest and great in all our marketing supplies, equipment and technology, and some of the best partnerships with big names. You can do very well in the plumbing trade while owning your business.”

In fact, Z PLUMBERZ was recently recognized for its growth potential after being listed in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking, the most comprehensive analysis of the top performing franchise systems in the country. Every year, the list is used by aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the best investments on the market. This year, Z PLUMBERZ placed No. 453 as the brand continues its climb to the top. “With this year’s record-breaking number of applicants, the list offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the franchise world as it emerges from the most challenging days of the pandemic into uncertain economic conditions—and still keeps going strong,” Entrepreneur wrote. “There’s something here for every prospective franchisee, whether you’re interested in finding an opportunity within a brand that has been around for decades or in getting in on the ground floor of the next emerging trend.”

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Z PLUMBERZ is Growing in Popularity

When something goes wrong with your plumbing system, you’re already faced with a huge headache, and the last thing you want is to deal with an unreliable plumber to get it fixed. For too long, the stereotype of a plumber – unprofessional, sloppily dressed, always late – has been detrimental to the profession. Z PLUMBERZ was founded to correct all that by providing a trusted service home and property owners can trust. We show up on time, explain our work and the reasoning behind it in full detail, and are always there to answer any questions from the customer. Once you’ve gained a property owner’s loyalty and respect, you’ve gained a customer for life who is sure to recommend your services to others. That’s just one of the reasons why Z PLUMBERZ is growing so rapidly in popularity and quickly becoming the household name for all your plumbing needs.

“Educating consumers is the most important thing for Z PLUMBERZ,” O’Rourke says. “There’s no hiding that plumbers have a poor reputation-the butt-crack image, charging a lot of money without knowing what you’re going to get. In reality, plumbers are extremely smart, competent, and technical individuals. Having the consumer educated as to what we’re doing and why we’re charging what we’re charging puts them at ease, and it justifies the rates that we charge. At the same time, if there’s something we can have a homeowner do on their own, we will show them how to do it. We find that the homeowner is so excited about being educated, it makes them a customer for life, and it makes them want to recommend us to their friends and family members.”

As Z PLUMBERZ grows in popularity, the brand is quickly becoming synonymous with quality service at a fair and honest price. Z PLUMBERZ’s brand awareness is only projected to grow as more locations open across the U.S. and customers discover that this is not your ordinary plumbing company. Z PLUMBERZ is a game-changer in the booming plumbing industry that is the answer home and property owners have been looking for.

The Premiere Plumbing Franchise

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to invest in the next big thing, or an owner of an existing, independent plumbing company that’s just not performing up to expectations, Z PLUMBERZ is an opportunity that is truly unlimited. We keep it simple, keeping our business model as easy and straightforward as possible, while also offering all the training and support you need. For starters, we keep initial investment costs low and accessible, with costs for a new Z PLUMBERZ as low as $232,670 to $390,210. Converting your existing franchise is even lower, with costs ranging from $72,770 to $286,510! And with our turnkey business model, you will start making a profit in just a matter of months.

“Our mission is to help and support small plumbing companies that are struggling to take their businesses to the next level,” O’Rourke says. “Plumbing is in such high demand – there is truly an epidemic of a lack of plumbers. We’ve put together a straightforward business model that offers customers what they need (reliable, professional service) when they need it (time is of the essence) that can be duplicated over and over again, all while turning a profit. Even if you’re a great plumber, and a leader in the plumbing industry, you might lack the resources in training and support. That’s where we come in. We’re going to work day-in and day-out to ensure that your business has everything it needs to prosper over the long-term.”

Unparalleled Support

The growth of a franchise all starts with how invested the corporate team is with its franchisees, which is why there is no equal to the amount of resources Z PLUMBERZ puts into its training and support program. At its core, the advantages of Z PLUMBERZ to its franchisees is the breadth of services the company offers. As a result, we train all our franchise owners to be the experts in those services, and from there give them everything they need – marketing, professional coaching, ongoing support – to become a complete plumbing company. Our practices and procedures are, in actuality, very simple. And with offerings like Z PLUMBERZ’s 24/7 call center, manned by people who understand the business, to our simple training modulus for drain cleaning, pipe lining or services that work – we have the processes in place to make our franchise owners the experts in no time.

“Plumbing businesses really struggle with training,” Matt O’Rourke, Z PLUMBERZ Brand President, says. “As a plumber myself, I developed our support platform with BELFOR Franchise Group because I know what resources plumbers need in order to grow their businesses. When it comes to training and ongoing support, no other brand even comes close.”

Z PLUMBERZ is also backed by one of the most popular franchises in the home services and restoration industry, BELFOR Franchise Group. Experts in both technical and business training, the BELFOR Franchise Group brings all the proven track records of growth in creating a fast track to getting the doors open and business to start coming in.

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